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Victory Promotions.

Victory Promotions are one of the UK’s largest Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) promotions based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We’ve worked with Victory Promotions across three of their events, providing photography services at two events and videography at the third. Being fans of the sport, we knew when to shoot in-order to capture the most exciting and dynamic photos for each fight.


Over a 10 hour event we shot each and every fight, as well as backstage and behind the scenes shots. We understood how important these photos would be for promoting the next event, so we prioritized getting cinematic photos of both the fights and fighters to make people want to share them on social media. After each event our photos are shared far and wide by fighters, fans and Muay Thai social media outlets because they’re exciting.


We’re continuing to work with Victory Promotions for their upcoming events to further help them cement their brand as the biggest Muay Thai promoter in the UK.


Chat to us about photography for your sporting event or next fight!

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